About Us


 We have over 25 years experience as a Pet Handler.  Your pets will travel by Minivan for both private and group transports. Group transports have a limit of 3 pets/crates per vehicle. Less pets means shorter trips, happier fur-babies. We can also accommodate any size family with a wide choice of many vehicles, all are current year models.  All vehicles are through a leasing company, this insures the safest possible trip,  if a breakdown should occur, the leasing company will immediately supply a new vehicle.  This way your precious family member is not stuck in a vehicle or motel room waiting for repairs to be made, should an occurrence happen.  


Your fur-babies are never out of our site. 

Throughout their entire trip they will always have the comfort of climate controlled air conditioning and/or heat, with frequent stops  for exercise, potty breaks and playtime along the way.  We stop every 2-3 hours for potty breaks, exercise and playtime. Each dog gets his own 20-minute walk or run. Occasionally, we may need to stop in between breaks, especially when we have seniors on board. Stopping every night at sunset, rising at dawn and continue our amazing journey.


Safety First


Cats Too!

Private Family Pet Transport vs. Group Pet Transport....

Calm & Relaxed

 Cats are always kept crated for their entire journey, for their safety. Toys, litter box and bedding are kept in their crate with them, we use large wired crates.  

 ForTheLoveOfPawsRI does not use soft sided crates as cats can escape them if they tear through, also USDA requires metal or plastic crates for all pet transportation.    


Calm & Relaxed

Private Family Pet Transport vs. Group Pet Transport....

Calm & Relaxed

Talking and singing  to your pet(s) while we travel creates a soothing atmosphere. We also play "Relax My Dog" throughout their journey. Doing this reduces their stress levels and makes the trip more at ease and

comfortable for them. This is especially good for cats, Labs and Pitties, as they are big stress'ers.  We do what it takes to make your fur-baby as comfortable and stress free as possible.


Private Family Pet Transport vs. Group Pet Transport....

Private Family Pet Transport vs. Group Pet Transport....

Private Family Pet Transport vs. Group Pet Transport....

PRIVATE - With a Private Transport it is a direct route, only your pet(s) on-board, therefore trip is shorter. you may choose your pickup and drop off dates & time. You are allowed to add boxes, suitcases, crates and anything 

else that will fit in vehicle as long as your fur-baby(s) are comfy and have plenty of room after all this is their trip. If you need time for you relocation before you accept your pets, boarding is also available for additional charges. 

Packages & Discounts


Multi-Pet Package

There are  many families that have multiple pets.  ForTheLoveOfPawsRI offers a “Multi-Pet” Package for your convenience. By transporting “one family at a time”, we find that it reduces the stress of being surrounded 

with other animals.


Military, Senior and Low Income Discounts

  We also offer Military, Senior and Low Income Packages. 



Door To Door

 Whether you are permanently relocating across the country, going on vacation and you want your pets with you, have a seasonal home or on deployment,  ForTheLoveOfPawsRI will deliver your fur-babies door to door, safe and sound……happy and content..  . 


We also offer financing for trips over $500


Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your dog and help dogs to sleep.  Calming music designed for dogs of any age or breed!  

Free Music and TV : https://www.relaxmydog.com ♫♫♫